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Access your local PC with your smartphone via WLAN

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First and foremost: Read the disclaimer!

Maybe sometimes, you want to copy images from you computer to your smartphone or vice versa.

For this, you could share folders in your private network and access them with your smartphone.

What apps do I need to do this?

I use Windows 10 for demonstrating this.

Share files from your local computer:
For example, we want to share the My Documents folder.

  • Locate the folder with your windows explorer

  • Open the context menu and choose Properties

  • In the next window, choose Share

  • Important! Now click Advanced Sharing

  • Mark Share this folder

  • Give it a name

I recommend to use a comment (for example "Shared within LAN"). This makes it easier to recognize sharings later.

Now, this folder is shared. Next, we want to

Access shared folders with our smartphone:

  • First, we want to find out our local IP of the source computer. I use the app FING for this.

  • After installation, open the app. It will scan your network.

  • You find your computer via the name, you gave your machine. Usually, it is 192.168.xxx.xx

  • Now, we switch to ES File Explorer

  • After opening the app, click the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

  • Choose Network -> LAN

  • Now click Scan

  • Your computer name should appear

  • Click it and enter your IP-adress in the server-field. Then enter your username and password, you use for your Windows-login. Now, you see your shared folders and some system folders

  • Hide the system folders: Tap a folder, you don't want to see, for 2 seconds. ES File Explorer marks the folder. Now you can also mark all other folders you want to hide (with a normal tap).

  • Click the last entry in the bottom menu and choose Hide

That's all. Sounds complicated? It isn't really.

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