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Set various gamma-profiles for your monitor

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First and foremost: Read the disclaimer!

Maybe, you are in the same situation like me: You're working with photos and you need a calibrated monitor. You set up your monitor correctly and when you visit a white (web-)site with black text, your eyes are hurting, because your monitor is simply too loud. Reducing the brightness might help. But when you're a photographer, you have the next problem. Images are looking too dark, so you brighten them up. When you print now those images, you realize, that they are way too bright.

So you're adjusting your monitor to get a good result and depending on the monitor, you're using, the configuration can be pain in the ass.

Therefor, Tomasz Porosinski  programmed a little tool, called Gamma Panel. With this software, you can set the brightness, gamma and contrast of your monitor. And the best thing: You can define serveral profiles and assign hotkeys, so you simply can switch between the profiles. For myself, I have three profiles: Normal, Reading, Night. Normal is great for photos, reading for websites and night of course when Reading is too bright.

Unfortunately, the program was from 2002, but it still works on modern machines.

Now you're worrying where you can download this great piece of software? Don't worry. You can download this software directly from my website. Just check the following link. I hope, this software will help you as much as it helps me.

Please note, that the software must be copied outside the Windows program folder (e.g. C:\GammaPanel). Otherwise, you wouldn't have writing permission and couldn't save your profiles.

From the developer's readme-file:
This 'Software' is free. You can distribute it to anyone as long as it is given for free and unmodified.

Disclaimer Addendum:
I provide this software in its original form. No modification has been done by me. The software is provided, as the developer programmed it. According to the readme-file, that's part of the software, I took the right to share this program with other people so it might help them. When you have questions about the software, please contact the developer.

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