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First and foremost: Read the disclaimer!

Useful, when you want to stream content from your smartphone to your Chromecast-Stick.

Folder Player Free + Pro
Best MP3-player you will find. Sometimes, you need to clean the data because the app hangs. Apart from that, it works rather well. As the name implies, one of the best features is the folder listing.

Paper Camera
Photograph with some nice paper effects. From sketch drawing to comics, photocopies, watercolors or gotham noir you'll find everything to stylize your photos.

Load a photo or screenshot and grab a particular color. You can grab RGB and HEX colors.

Photo Studio Free & Pro
This is a superb app for manipulating your photos and doing things like adding texts. This is an example of a photo, I've manipulated with the app. The app itself is charged, but you can downlad dozens of free extensions. That gives you myriads of filters, frames, fonts, effects, forms and stickers. And you even can do more cool things with the app. For example, you can create PicFrames and collages.

What are PicFrames? You can choose dozens of templates, where you can place your photos. It's comparable with collages. So, you can create some really cool photo-compilations.

The best gallery, you will find (forget the Google-BS). Also nice to set smartphone-backgrounds. It has some annoying adds, that luckily can easily be removed (except from some links in the menu).

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