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What's are App-Spots?
Here, I'm introducing serveral apps, that might be helpful for you. Those are all apps, I'm using privately and they might ease your life.

Below every introduced app, you find one or two qr-codes. These codes bring you right to the app-store. Just scan them with your smartphone.

Note! If you see two codes: The left code is the free version, the right code is the commercial version!

Most Recent App-Spots

Alien Shapes Free & Full
This was my first wallpaper from MAXELUS. You can choose between 50 skins and 38 different colors (in the pro-version). That give you 1,900 possible combinations for your background. Sounds impressive. But unfortunately, kind of animation always stays the same. Also, the background is sometimes pixeled. It's not bad, but the same developer has far better backgrounds up his sleeve. But for the price, it's really great and a recommendation!

Beautiful Widgets Free & Pro
With this app, you can create some very nice widgets. Online, you find dozens of design to download, which gives you amazing possibilities to design you widgets. The drawback is obvious: You need to be online to choose another design, because they are all saved cloud-based. In it's functionality, it is comparable with HD Widgets, but with much more customization-possibilities.

Bit Bandit Free & Pro
This is a simple app, that let you calculate audio bitrates, based on the sample rate, bit depth and channel count. You are also able to calculate filesize for mp3-files. For example, 2 hours of mp3-music with 192Kbps are using 168,75 MB. Unfortunately, it's not possible to calculate conversely (x MB are x minutes). And the free version has annoying limitations. The pro-version is not cheap, but it seems to be the only well-working app, I could find.

This is a free app, that's working surprisingly good. You simply can remove backgrounds from photos. Of course, the images often need postprocessing, but it's working pretty well and when you have good requirements, you get your results very fast.

Galaxy Pack
This is another live-wallpaper from MAXELUS. With 1,49 €, it's not so cheap, but in my opinion, you get much for your money. You can choose between 19 completely different galaxies. And for

HDR FX Photo Editor Free & Pro
With this app, you can create faux HDR photos. The results are pretty good, unless the consistent illumination, which features real HDR-photos.

It's nice to have your PayPal-account on your phone. In my opinion, it could be a security risk, especially in open wifi-networks. If you want to take the risk depents on you.

Print Formulars
That's a really cool app, especially, when you're working with print media.
You can

  • look up page formats as well as

  • grammage and

  • weight of envelopes

  • calculate max. grammage

  • calculate copies per package unit

  • calculate delivery laden weight

  • Quantity of sheet per delivery

  • Quantity of sheet per batch

  • Convert 1,000 sheet price to 100 kg price and vice versa

  • Convert innerbook diameter to number of pages

  • Calculate innerbook thickness

  • Calculate thickness of an brochure

  • Calculate thickness of an book

  • Weight of an softcover-book

  • Weight of an book with board

  • Calculave paper volume V

  • Calculate sheet thickness in mm

  • Value per print sheet

  • Running meter to diameter

  • roll running meter to weight

  • Weight/Running Meter

  • Calculate resolution for scans

  • Calculate image dimensions from mm to pixels

  • Calculate filesize

  • Calculate golden cut

  • Convert inch to mm

  • Calculate lpi to lpc

  • Convert RGB to CMYK and vice versa

  • Convert HKS

  • Convert P

  • Calculate color wastage

So you see, you can do nearly everything you need, when you're working with DTP.

Quick PDF Scanner Free & Pro
Need to scan a document but have unfortunately no desk scanner at hand? No problem, use this app. It delivers pretty good results. You can define the crop, but the app tries to get the right crop automatically, which makes it really comfortable to use. You also can convert images on your device. Files will be saved in PDF. You only need good lightning conditions, otherwise, the app won't work correctly. But that may vary from smartphone to smartphone. One warning goes for the free version: It's infested with really annoying ads. Only for short testing. The pro version works well.

Space Colony
An another live-wallpaper from MAXELUS. This one is imo one of the most impressive live-wallpapers, I've seen. It looks like a video-game, without being too distractive. You can choose between eight different cities and define serveral other options for every city lik Aura color and power as well as Buildings Illumination. You can choose between seven camera tracks and define their speed. With double clicks, you can change the track. You can define various sizes and kinds of ships, that will fly through the city. And you can set all those options to change randomly. So you have pretty much variety on your screen. It warrants the price of 1,49 € in my opinion. But be aware. This app uses much ressources and battery. You can set different battery-saving options (which I really recommend), nevertheless, this app pulls about 8% of my battery.

Sunset Hill Free & Pro
An another live-wallpaper. It shows you a nice landscape with birds and deers. You also can display windmills and trees. Interactions are possible. The scenery may get boring after some time, but have pretty much options to setup.

Disclaimer: All apps are tested by me and they are working on my devices. Differences in the interface can always exist. I assume no liability for defects and/or malfunctions, caused by using the apps, I present here! If you have questions about the tutorials, feel free to use the respective section in Fiver's Honeycomb.

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