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Save your Eyes with f.lux

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First and foremost: Read the disclaimer!

What is f.lux?

f.lux does the same with your computer, what Twilight (see App-Spot for more information about Twilight) does with your smartphone. It filters blue light, which makes it easier to stare at the screen in the morning or in the evening/night. It helps to relax and save your eyes and it's pretty simple to use.

After installation, you see an icon in the taskbar. Click it and the following window opens.

First section:
With the upper slider, you set the color for the daytime. Usually, you could keep it completely right.

With the lower slider, you set the color for the nighttime. I've set it to 3600k. That makes the screen very comfortable for me.

Second section:
On the right side, you see settings for your location. So, f.lux can control your screen according to your personal environment.

Third section:
The third point is the transistion speed. When 20 seconds is too fast for you, you can set it to one hour transistion. So, you have a very smooth transition from your normal screen to the eye-friendly version.

Other options:
With the hambuger-menu, you can reach more options. But usually, you don't need to change them. So I spare me to go more into detail with them.

The checkbox in the bottom says it already: It disables the program for one hour. Very good, when you want to work with graphics and photos.

All in all,
it's a really nice tool that make working with your machine much more comfortable!

Does it has drawbacks?
Only one, in my opinion. Some Windows cursors are not affected by the effect of the program. So when you have a white cursor (for example the hand when hovering links), they appear completely white, which looks a bit bizarre on filtered screen. Apart from that, the program runs smoothly on my machine.

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